Lucinda Boyd: New Work
Landscapes - Pastel & Charcoal
Studio Altenburg, Braidwood, NSW, 8 - 31 March, 2008
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Braidwood Heritage Landscape

1. Braidwood Heritage Landscape,
54 x 65cms

The Tree on the Hill

2. The Tree on the Hill (detail),
55 x 45 cms

Ghosts of a former Landscape

3. Ghosts of a former Landscape,
54 x 76 cms

Windbreakers Early Evening

4. Windbreakers Early Evening,
55 x 65cms

Horned Tree Watching Over

5. Horned Tree Watching Over (detail), 55 x 40cms

Ancient Land With Cattle

6. Ancient Land With Cattle,
55 x 76cms

Works 1 - 3 are pastel on paper and works 4 - 6 are charcoal on paper. Click here for Lucinda Boyd's CV (44kb), here for her artist's statement (60kb), here for the media release (176kb), and here for a promotional flier (876kb).

Sales Enquiries:
Gina Oldham, Director, Studio Altenburg, Braidwood, NSW, (02) 4842 2384


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